Reg CF Reviews

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Need a Reg CF Review? 


If you plan to raise over $107,000 through a crowdfunding platform, federal regulations require that your Company provide GAAP based reviewed financial statements. Effective in February 2021, the SEC raised the CF limit from $1.07M to $5M! This means, you can potentially raise up to $1.07M on a platform with reviewed financial statements! 


We have helped more than 250 clients in the last 18-months get onto various platforms!

We offer fixed price reviews for you Reg CF Financials


  • Starting at $2,000
    • Comparative, reviewed financial statements, if financials and notes are already prepared by a licensed CPA. 
  • Starting at $1,500
    • Single year reviewed financial statement.
  • Starting at $2,750
    • Comparative reviewed financial statements.


In order to provide you with an accurate quote. Please send us copies of the balance sheet(s) that you will need reviewed. 


Our typical turnaround is 10 business days. Expidited services are available at an additional cost.